Create! together in 8 steps

A goal without a plan is just a wish

As the only full-service decor supplier, we offer a unique opportunity to handle your decorative production from the very first sketch up to and including the on-site installation. Whether it concerns a high-end brand activation or a complex international arena event, the sky is the limit for us and our ideas are always centered around the customer’s wishes. Our goal: to create a jaw-dropping experience.
We work with a structured 8-step process in order to reache the desired end result.

During the first meeting, we discuss the customer’s wishes and objectives and transform these into concrete ideas. What are the core objectives of the production and what specific requirements must be met? Our team of experienced engineers provide creative and technical support. We love a challenge and therefore we will never walk away from a complex issue. Creating is in our DNA and we like to think outside the box. Though it might sometimes seem impossible, we will always find a suitable route to transform an idea into a beautiful end result for the client.

Based on the wishes and requirements of the customer, our engineers are set to work to further develop the ideas and convert them into 3D models. The idea is transformed into a technical construction. The choice of materials, colours, logos and other requirements are immediately taken into account to assure that it complies with the required style and is in line with the brand book. Every detail is thought through. From the incidence of sunlight to the properties of various building materials. The engineers of Create! master the knowledge of countless building styles, materials and finishes, so that we not only think along, but also think ahead. This way we are never faced with surprises later in the process. Feasibility and manufacturability are essential issues that we answer clearly for you.

As soon as the assignment has been fully worked out for the customer, it is presented. During this meeting, the idea is discussed in detail and an explanation is given as to why the construction method, materials and details have been chosen. There is also plenty of room for feedback, so that the end result is completely according to the customer’s wishes.

After the final proposal has been approved, prefabrication will start. We create a complex computer simulation of the idea and fully elaborate the 3D drawings. Calculations are made in order to guarantee the safety of the construction. Constructions are calculated taking into account numerous factors. Construction drawings are worked out in detail, so that everything can be produced efficiently. Are additional materials required? We will contact your other suppliers to ensure a smooth transition and integration.

The construction drawings are then converted into tangible decor materials in our state-of-the-art production hall. This hall is equipped with the latest machines and best materials to produce decoration of the highest level. All materials are carefully handled so that they are in mint condition when they go to their destination. We work with a streamlined universal work protocol that guarantees the continuity of every project and allows us to switch quickly and flexibly to meet any deadline, anywhere in the world. All decoration material is loaded and transported in a logical order, so that the on-site installation can be completed as quickly as possible.

Not only do we create the puzzle, we can also put the pieces together blindly, anywhere in the world. Our construction teams are set to work on location to carefully, efficiently and safely build the desired end result. Thanks to our clear, universal work protocol and clear working drawings, we can work seamlessly with all other disciplines and suppliers involved in the construction.

The last step is the disassembly and disposal of all materials. In the design process, recycling and sustainability are already taken into account in advance. After all, good preparation is half the battle. We can design most decor pieces in such a way that they are reusable. All materials that are reused are neatly packed and transported to the desired location of the customer. In addition, we also take care of the removal of the residual materials, so that the client is completely unburdened from step A to Z.

The idea has become a Create!ion
Another epic idea has been created together!

Let’s create amazing things together.

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