Brand Activation Amsterdam


Brand Activation Amsterdam


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About the project

We were asked by a prominent client to build a brand activation within a short time frame in the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. A particularly challenging task, not only due to the busy, difficult to reach location, but also due to the activation itself; a giant mirror with undulating shapes and an extra overhanging part, mounted on a façade. Not only has a mirror of this size never been developed before, but an undulating mirror of this size has never been made either! The project did not only require to be finished to a very high standard, but there must also be room for façade work to be performed behind the decoration.

Production weeks (including assembly)
Milling tempex

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What did we do?

Within a 4-week time frame (from the GO offer to completion), we provided the complete prefabrication of the activation. In doing so, we not only developed the technical drawings, but also took care of the H&S plan and the necessary RI&E documents. From the in-house developed technical drawings, we realized 2D and 3D milling work. Since the brand activation consisted largely of mirrors, it was important to develop seamless parts in order to make the mirror stickers fit together perfectly. In our workshop, we then provided all parts with spray painting and coating. All materials were then packed and transported to Amsterdam carefully. As the project had to be realized in one of the busiest shopping streets of the city, this project required extra flexibility. Thanks to our experienced team on site, however, the assembly and disassembly took place very quickly and we were able to deliver the project within the specified deadline and to everyone’s satisfaction.

  • 100m2 mirror foil
  • 32m3 Tempex
  • 180m1 Beam wood
  • 300m2 Paint

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