Airbeat One 2022 – Hardstyle


Airbeat One 2022 – Hardstyle


Engineering & Production



About the project

Commissioned by the organizer of the German outdoor festival Airbeat One, we were asked to fully realize the mainstage of the festival. Regarding the unique location, it was not only important to develop a very solid decor (in accordance with the German TUV requirements), but it was also important to develop the stage as compact and modular as possible, as the complete stage had to be transported from the Create! workshop to the festival site. In addition, the customer requested to incorporate both 2D and 3D elements into the stage, making the decoration seamlessly match with the banner work. The complete project was realized within a time frame of 12 weeks.

Build-up days
Width of stage
Height of stage

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What did we do?

Within this project we were responsible for the complete prefabrication and assembly of the entire stage. Our in-house engineers converted the supplied stage designs into technical drawings to scale. Weight calculations were also made and drawings were produced for the safety expert. In addition, we took care of H&S and RI&E documents so that the organizer was fully equipped with the right documents. We carried out the entire prefabrication in-house; CNC milling, spraying, decorative painting, assembly and packing. We then transported all materials to the festival site. To completely unburden the client, we also sent a construction team to supervise the assembly. Despite the complexity, including the many lifting activities on location, we delivered the complete stage within 6 days.

  • 1500 m2 sheet metal
  • 1200 m2 banner
  • 3000 m1 battens
  • 1000 m1 beam wood
  • 1200 m2 decor painting (manual)
  • 400 milling plates

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